We recently had the splendid good fortune to play at an event called The Hacienda: A Midsummer Food and Art Curiosity at Scribe vineyard in Sonoma.

The hosts, 18 Reasons gallery, invited a flurry of artists to transform an uninhabited 19th century Spanish farmhouse into a living art installation: paintings and public typewriters, a room with a table set with mysterious totems and tinctures, another with an antique honey pump, another with weavings, a bibliophilic scavenger hunt inscribed with the natural history of the vineyard.

They then proceeded to ply their guests with an endless measure of victuals, fresh-baked breads and diverse pizzas from a wood-fired oven, verdant salads plucked from nearby farms, wines plucked from even nearer-by vines, and the heady drippings of an absinthe bar.

The hundred or so guests (or were there twice that?  or half?  who can tell?) camped  in a clearing on the vineyard and rose, presumably with a touch of bleary in one eye or the other, to a fresh hot breakfast and the (hopefully) calming sounds of your own Walking in Sunlight.


Posted August 10, 2010 by Walking in Sunlight in Shows

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