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We recently finished a second round of printing for our CD packaging.  We switched from a traditional diy screen printing setup to a Gocco printer, reddened the reds, grayened the grays, and pulled a wee switcheroo.  In your editor’s supercilious opinion, they look way nicer.  Get one here!

WIS Album Cover


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We recently had the splendid good fortune to play at an event called The Hacienda: A Midsummer Food and Art Curiosity at Scribe vineyard in Sonoma.

The hosts, 18 Reasons gallery, invited a flurry of artists to transform an uninhabited 19th century Spanish farmhouse into a living art installation: paintings and public typewriters, a room with a table set with mysterious totems and tinctures, another with an antique honey pump, another with weavings, a bibliophilic scavenger hunt inscribed with the natural history of the vineyard.

They then proceeded to ply their guests with an endless measure of victuals, fresh-baked breads and diverse pizzas from a wood-fired oven, verdant salads plucked from nearby farms, wines plucked from even nearer-by vines, and the heady drippings of an absinthe bar.

The hundred or so guests (or were there twice that?  or half?  who can tell?) camped  in a clearing on the vineyard and rose, presumably with a touch of bleary in one eye or the other, to a fresh hot breakfast and the (hopefully) calming sounds of your own Walking in Sunlight.

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With the help of adjunct strollosophy scholar  Nicole Passerotti and her Gocco printer, we whipped up a few self promotional materials.


We make no secret of the notion that the cards were inspired by the coat and temperament of Greg and Nicole’s crate-digging cat, Zuke.


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Walking in Sunlight is a music making device consisting of three or more people, or sometimes two in extreme circumstances.  There is always a banjo and a guitar going…absent those, I don’t think it would be called Walking in Sunlight.  We haven’t discussed that as a group but I don’t think we really need to.

We made an album that you can listen to for free and download for free (or pay for if you choose) right here.  It’s called (surprise) Walking in Sunlight.  Like us.  The first song, also, is called Walking in Sunlight.  It’s an old hymn.  Sometimes we play pretty old songs, and this is one.  Here is another group who chose to perform this particular old song:

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8/19/10 Berkeley, CA
UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens
Redwood Grove Amphitheater
With Petracovich
5:30 – 7:00pm, $15 ($12 Members) – Come early, because your ticket includes entrance to the redwood grove and incredible gardens!

8/5/10  Bolinas, CA
San Francisco Walking Tour

August 1  Sonoma, CA
Scribe/18 Reasons
Hacienda: A Midsummer Food and Art Curiosity

July 31  Davis, CA
Sophia’s with You Are Plural and Emily Jane White

July 29  San Francisco
Hotel Utah with Chatham County Line, Emily Bonn and the Vivants

July 10  San Francisco
Maki House aka Ghost Mansion on the Move
CD Release Show with Middle Maki and Desert Dog

June 6  San Francisco
Rite Spot with Sea of Bees and Matt Bauer

April 29  San Francisco
Ghost Mansion with One AM Radio, Sands, and Low Red Land

April 15  Mill Valley, CA
Green Gulch Farm

March 27  San Francisco
Panhandle House Show with Judith and Holofernes

January 29  San Francisco
Alamo Square house show with Lesser Lights, El Capitan, The Molloy Family Album


October 5  San Francisco
Ghost Mansion with Matt Bauer and Middle Maki

September 27  San Francisco
Make Out Room – Leonard Cohen Tribute

August 30 San Francisco
Hotel Utah

May 30  San Francisco
Rite Spot

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